What the Vendors Are Bringing – December 10th


The 2017 Amazing Acres Calendars are now available – a perfect gift for animal lovers on your list this year! Lynne will have a wide selection of goat cheeses this week, including Baby Bloomer (bucheron style), Sea Smoke, Crottin, Fromagina and a variety of chevres. Come sample everything! Email cheese@amazingacresgoatdairy.com with any special requests for Saturday.
Rod will be bringing us a selection of his Bison burgers, steaks, roasts, sausages, hot dogs, and jerky.
Think cheese for the holidays! We have many gift options, including sampler
packs and custom made gifts. Stop by to sample our cheeses, preservative-free cheese spreads or our popular cheese balls, available in either Bacon or Garlic. Preorders are encouraged at gable@conebellafarm.com or can be placed via our website for pick up at the Oakmont market.
Plenty of farm fresh eggs for all your Christmas baking and cooking. Also fresh chicken and turkey pot pies. Plenty of beef steaks and roasts, cubes, stir fry and lots of pork chops and sausages. He is hoping to have fresh chicken, but all his local meat processors are busy with deer. He will bring chicken and turkey items. For pre-orders, e-mail Axel axel@lindenhoffarm.net, and visit the website for more options www.lindenhoffarm.net
North Star will be at market Saturday with very limited selections including crunchy sweet carrots, a few apples and perhaps a few remaining Asian pears. We’ll also have fruit items in jars (fantastic for gifts, as they’re always the perfect size!!). If you’d like a certain quantity of them for gift-giving, please email us by Friday afternoon with you name, market location, and how many jars of what you’d like (peach butter $4, Asian pear and apple butter are $6. Sorry – applesauce is sold out) at Lisa@northstarorchard.com . Please note: Gold Rush apples are currently spoken for. If you’ve already pre-ordered, we’ll have them for you! If you haven’t pre-ordered, there’s only the slimmest of chances we’ll have any extras for sale. See you Saturday!

Christmas Market

BOB’S BAKE AT HOME PIZZA at the Christmas Market.
Bob will return to the Christmas Market with his gourmet bake-at-home pizzas, Stromboli, soups , chilis and his homemade Herb-Infused Balsamic Vinaigrette. He will also have holiday gifts, discounted gift cards and pizza tools packages.
BOTANICAL BUBBLES at the Christmas Market.
Sherri will return for the Christmas market with her soaps, lotions, salves made from herbs, base oils, fruit butters and essential oils and concoct formulas.

Deb will return for the Christmas Market with a selection of her traditional Irish Victory Cakes.
MY HOUSE COOKIES at the Christmas Market.my house cookies
Marie will return for the Christmas Market with an assortment of pies, quiches and cookies. Also, she will have our seasonal favorite, fully constructed Ginger Bread Houses. Email Marie at marie@myhousecookies.com with any orders for December 21.