Aunt Mamie’s Italian Specialties

Aunt Mamie’s Italian Specialties
Theresa and Michael Vaccaro
Fresh Pastas and Sauces

835 Lincoln Avenue Unit A-5
West Chester, PA 19380
(484) 832-3348


Aunt Mamie’s Italian specialties is a family owned and operated business specializing in handmade pasta and sauces made with fresh, natural ingredients. The business was started in an effort to provide families with a taste of Italy and is named after our mother, Philomena “Mamie” Vaccaro. Aunt Mamie was an infant when she came to America with her parents and grandparents in an effort to live the American Dream. They brought with them their family recipes and traditions that they continued to share with family and friends. Mamie quickly learned how to prepare authentic meals for her family and even operated a restaurant with her husband Joseph for many years.

Our recipes have been passed down through generations and are reminiscent of Grandma’s Sunday cooking. Our pasta takes you back to the day when all natural ingredients were used instead of processed foods with additives you cannot even pronounce. Her family has kept her recipes alive and we are excited to share them with you. You can rest assured that you are feeding your family wholesome meals with Aunt Mamie’s Italian Specialties.

Pasta Bowl Pasta