Éclat Chocolate

Éclat Chocolate
Christopher Curtin
Gourmet chocolates and caramels

office 610-692-5206
fax 610-692-5207
24 South High St.
West Chester, PA

West Chester based Éclat Chocolate, owned and operated by Master Chocolatier Chris Curtin, has been recognized by Vogue as well as Food & Wine Magazine for the stunning flavors and textures of its hand crafted chocolates. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Chris trained at the House of Le Companion du Devoir, the premier guild for Pastry Chefs in France, where he worked alongside the best journeyman pastry chefs in Europe to become the first American to be awarded the honor of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier in Cologne, Germany. He subsequently perfected his craft in Japan. Needless to say, Europe’s and Asia’s loss is Havertown’s gain! These confections are heavenly, with surprising tastes of sea salt, fruit and nuts, and even exotic peppers, in the chocolate creations.