MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cakes

MacDougalls Irish Victory Cakes
Deborah Streeter-Davitt ~ Head Caketress

Cell: 610-608-6889

Save room for cake?!
Taste a MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cake and you’ll be so glad you did!  Our legendary, gold medal butter pound cake recipe, once the envy of Kings and Queens throughout the British Isles, will have your taste buds feeling like royalty!

Recently downsized from an outstanding career in the Financial Services industry, Deborah ~ the Head Caketress ~ decided it was the perfect time to bring life to her Great Grand Dad’s champion legacy ~ MacDougall Irish Victory Cakes came to be!!

These golden goodies follow Great Granddad’s – James McDowell – award winning butter cake recipe straight from Northern Ireland.  Every Victory is made of many local farm fresh ingredients and stirred with a slotted spoon. And we added a few extra goodies like Wilbur’s chocolate and butterscotch – to name a few – and a wee bit of baked in whiskey!

Here is a peek at of some our sweet Victory flavors:
Dassie’s Traditional
(Dassie’s Butter Cake ~ Rich Wilbur Chocolate & Sweet Butterscotch Chips)
Albie’s Loopy Leprechaun
( Rich Wilbur Chocolate, Butterscotch Chips & Two Cheers of Whiskey!!)
Massie’s Sweet Butter
(Dassie’s Rich Butter Cake)
Hazel’s Sweet Lemon Drop
(Sweet Tart Lemon & Lovely White Chocolate)
Dickie’s Sweet Trinity
(Wilbur Chocolate & Sweet Butterscotch Chips & Toasty English Walnuts)
Patty’s Butterscotch Goody
(Creamy Sweet Wilbur Butterscotch)
Skeeter’s Grand Slam!
(Wilbur Chocolate, Butterscotch & Peanut Butter Chips & Marshmallow Cap)
Nutty Leprechaun
(Wilbur Milk & Semi Sweet Chocolate, Butterscotch & Nutty Peanut Butter Chips)
(Tangy Orange Juice & Zest & Creamy White Chocolate Bits)

Every day we face obstacles, challenges and change.  Victory is facing these demands the best we can and celebrating our courage and perseverance.   This MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cake is for you!  You deserve it! Celebrate with a victory!
Take home a MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cake today!