Clifford Family Farms

Liam Clifford and Kimmy Dalton
Clifford Family Farms

Liam Clifford and Kimmy Dalton will be selling organic fruit and vegetables grown on their small family-owned farm. Liam Clifford and Kimberly Dalton started Clifford Family farms three years ago in Alexandria
Township, New Jersey. They both attended Rutgers for Agriculture and worked on a student-run farm growing organic vegetables. Now they grow their own organic vegetables and fruits which they will bring to our market. For the winter markets, you can expect to find greens and root vegetables.
When the growing season starts, they will bring all types of greens such as arugula, salad mixes, spinach, chard and kale. In the summer, they will offer all of your favorite summer crops such as tomatoes (heirlooms, cherries, and slicers), eggplants, potatoes, peppers, summer squash, and cucumbers. They will have some fruit which include strawberries, watermelons, and melons. Kimmy Dalton says that they love growing onions because “one day they are a small plant and it seems like overnight they turn into big round onions. And they have such an amazing flavor compared to store-bought onions.” Watermelons too are fun to grow, Kimmy says, because the plants grow for months and months and suddenly there are these huge melons hiding under the leaves. They grow lots of different types of watermelon with different colored flesh: yellow, pink, and red.
Clifford Family Farms also offer a CSA program through our markets. If you join their CSA, you can come to market whenever you can and pick up whatever you choose. Please ask Liam or Kimmy for more information on the CSA! You can also email them.