Honey and Rose Bakery

Honey and Rose Bakery
Berlyn Mellein

Berlyn will be selling her own specialty cakes, scones and granolas. Her cakes are delicately flavored and beautifully decorated. Her sweet and savory scones are perfect for afternoon tea or eating with soup. Berlyn will attend the market every other week. If you want to take a peek at her beautiful cakes, go to the website: https://honeyandrosebakery.squarespace.com/about

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Berlyn Mellein says she often starts baking her specialty cakes and scones in the afternoon. Inspired by the season, she will combine delicate flavors to create her cakes, scones, and granola. She does bake the standards which can be found elsewhere such as German Chocolate Cake, but she experiments with complementary flavor combinations such as cardamom spice cake frosted with rose buttercream and chocolate ganache or pistachio cake with orange blossom buttercream icing. Berlyn says her choices are influenced in part by the different cuisines she enjoyed when growing up in California. 

Berlyn started Honey and Rose Bakery two years ago but she has always loved baking. Her first source for recipes was her mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1960s, and then she checked books out of the local library to expand her repertoire. One of her favorite books was The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum  which she still owns and uses as a reference. 

As a self-taught artisan baker, Berlyn has also learned how to make her own amazingly detailed and botanically accurate flowers from fondant and buttercream by watching videos on youtube. She says that her dad was a graphic designer and she learned from him about how to combine colors. When she was going up, her dad would let her make anything she wanted and encouraging her that she could do anything she wanted. Berlyn did confess she took a course recently to learn how to make sugar paste from scratch using confectioners sugar, Crisco, tylose powder and water. She says the advantage to sugar paste is that dries hard and the flowers and decorations are more stable than buttercream ones.

Berlyn sells her baked specialties on Saturday at other markets but Oakmont Farmers Market is her first week-day market. She says she loves talking to her customers so she can learn what they like. She then will tailor her products to what folks want. For example, she always makes sure to have vegan items for a customer who is the only vegan in his family. She also wants to widen everyone’s food horizons and try something new. For example, she test-baked several different carrot cakes and the one that everyone loved the most was the gluten free one! Stop by to say hello to Berlyn and see all of her delicious treats.