MyHouse Cookies

MyHouse Cookies
Marie and Tom Connell


Pies, quiches, brownies, cookies


Marie Connell

Marie caught the cooking bug at an early age, helping her grandmother bake cookies. She trained as a pastry chef at the Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, CA. While her classmates were working on wedding cakes and French pastries, Marie was baking cookies.

“Wedding cakes are once (or maybe twice, or three times) in a lifetime desserts. Cookies are everyday.”


Tom Connell

While Marie was baking cookies, Tom was eating cookies. Everyday.

After a career in the technology end of the investment banking industry, he decided to pitch in and MyHouse Cookies was born. “The cookies are much too good to keep to ourselves.” Fortunately, many people agree.

Marie and Tom obviously bake cookies as a primary part of their business.  Out of respect to another vendor at our market that sells cookies, though, they have chosen to focus their energies at the

Oakmont Farmers Market on homemade pies and cupcakes, which are every bit as delicious as their namesake cookies.  Many of their pies, in fact, are made from ingredients purchased from the other vendors at our market.  How’s that for sustainability!