Vituperio Bakery

Vituperio Bakery
Lansdale, PA

“In Chile, fresh bread is part of everyday life, it’s involved in every meal and get-together” – Javiera.

Long story short…​

Our Chilean heritage and bread tradition got us to move from a comfy corporate world into the bread baking craft. We realized that our love for bread should have a bigger role in our lives, for this, we had to break out of our molds and take a chance, so in 2017, we decided to sell everything, get on a plane, and move to Pennsylvania, USA. 

Today, we decided to start Vituperio – a non-traditional bakery experience – to share this love for bread with you, and to help everyone learn what made from scratch bread is all about.

For us bread is a revolution that is just starting, therefore we invite you to come and experience what authentic bread is supposed to taste, smell, and feel like.​

Our goal is to have a fun and hands-on approach to baking, it’s about letting go of all preconceptions about this amazing and nutritious food so that we can bring together this old craft back to life!