Peg will return this week with her fresh, local produce.

Customers can choose from pre-packaged produce, as Peg is not accepting pre-orders. Please note that Blueberry Hill is a cash-only vendor.
Liam will return this week with seasonal, certified organic produce. Featured this week are seasonal veggies.
Pam will return to the market this week with Conebella’s full line of products, including the Apple Cinnamon Greek yogurts and yogurt smoothies! This seasonal flavor was very popular last year, so get them while you can. Pam will also have all of Conebella’s aged cheeses, fresh mozzarella, yogurt smoothies, cultured butter, cheese spreads, Greek yogurt, and cheese curds, which are made from the milk from their Ayrshire cows in Chester County. 

Pre-orders and pre-payment are always an option, but we will have additional dairy products available for purchase. Please order through our website, www.conebellafarm.com, and indicate pickup at the Oakmont market or email your order, gable@conebellafarm.com.
House Cup Coffee Roasters will be returning to the market this week with their supply of Havertown roasted coffees. Additionally, House Cup will be bringing 12oz bottles of their organic cold brew coffee and cold brew tea. Be sure to remember their BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) incentive and get their great local coffee for $10 per pound.  

Coffees and tea can be pre-ordered from their website (https://housecupcoffee.com/) and grind preference can be selected. Online, ground orders must be placed before noon on Tuesday for Wednesday pickup.
Axel will return this week with farm-fresh burgers, steaks, sausages, fresh chicken, turkey, and lots of yummy pies and eggs.

Only eight weeks until Thanksgiving! Lindenhof is accepting online deposits for your fresh turkey. They have sizes ranging from 10-30lbs, as well as the standard white turkey, a smaller heritage turkey, a whole breast, or even go for a goose. 

Go to lindenhoffarm.com to place your pre-order for beef, pork, fresh chicken, duck, lamb, and eggs. Pre-orders are requested to be in by Tuesday at noon; however, Axel is offering on-site sales for the market as well. 
Marie will return to the market this week with all the goodies you’ve come to know and love, including pies, cookies, and scones. Send Marie an email at marie@myhousecookies.com and she will hold your favorites.
Rachel will return to the market this week with several different apiaries of local, raw honey, all-organic beeswax body products, and of course her lemon curd and jams. 

New-Bee has SO MANY fresh ferment varieties right now-hot curry kraut, garlicky eggplant, lemon dill kraut, fermented garlic honey, smoky hot sauce, and of course kimchi! Come browse the menu and find one that you love.

Pre-orders are encouraged, but Rachel will bring her complete product line to the market on Wednesday. Send your pre-orders by direct messaging Rachel through her New-Bee Ranch social media pages or send an email to newbeeranch@gmail.com.Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo to newbeeranch@gmail.com 
North Star will return to the market this week with their delicious fruits and veggies.

It’s pear season as well as apple season! Asian pears are much more abundant this year, and you may see European pears from time to time at the market as well. NSO has a VERY limited return of Asian pear butter this year – available at the market only (not by pre-order). Some of your favorite apple varieties are coming this week, so stop by to check out the range of colors, sizes, and flavors.

Pre-orders accepted Saturday and Sunday here.
Ali will be back at the market with more locally grown, seasonal flowers featuring their bright dahlias and other fall favorites. Make sure to follow Two Budding Florists on social media to see what other fun projects we have in store for the fall.

Don’t forget, bouquets can be preordered through our website:https://twobuddingflorists.square.site/