The Haverford Township Farmers Market Association (HTFMA) provides the following to your community…

  • A variety of food and nutrition education programs for all ages
  • A community pillar that works with local businesses, schools, and civic organizations
  • The organization that operates the Oakmont Farmers Market

We have the following opportunities for volunteers to participate in the HTFMA:


  • Market day activities
  • Plan/schedule school programs
  • Food use demos

Communications & Publicity

  • Twitter, Facebook, website, etc
  • News releases
  • Photography


  • OFM logo item sales
  • Grant applications
  • Raffles


  • Dinners & tastings
  • Special activities
  • Cooking demos

Administrative/Market Operations

  • Market Day assistance
  • Surveys
  • Distribution of literature

Community Outreach

  • Civic council representation
  • Manning information tables
  • Host films/book readings


                  ► Getting involved is easy.

                  ► One person or a group can work together.

                  ► You can choose your time commitment.

The HTFMA needs good people voluntarily giving their time and expertise to help it grow and do more. We welcome the participation of customers, businesses, and community members in all phases of running the association and the market.

If any of the ideas above interest you, or if you have more ideas on what can be done to support the HTFMA and OFM, email oakmontfarmersmarket@gmail.com or contact any current Board member or the Market Manager.


Did you know…?


… Develops programs and activities with local schools, the library, and local businesses.

… Gives us a wider choice of locally grown and made food than any other local business.

… Supports farmers who preserve the genetic diversity of our food.

… Helps to keep land as farmland and preserve soil.

… Educates us about healthy diet and nutrition.

… Provides income for small farm families.

… Creates a community gathering place.

… Enhances Havertown’s public image.

… Promotes local artists and musicians.

… Is a volunteer led Non-Profit organization.