Crusty Delight

Crusty Delight, Ltd
Eric Johnson
Fresh sourdough and fruit scones

111 Devon Road
Paoli, PA 19301
Telephone: (610) 644-2618

The market is delighted for Crusty Delight to join our market lineup.
Crusty Delight was opened in January of 2020 by owner/Master Bread Baker Eric Johnson of Paoli. Crusty Delight offers customers the same handmade bread that he still bakes for family and friends. No machines or mixers, and no commercial yeast are used in the baking process. The process of making sourdough bread from starter rather than commercial yeast is long, but the taste and health benefits are so worth it.
Crusty Delight customers rave about the sourdough, multi-grain, and rye bread. They say:
“It’s the best sourdough ever.”
“I lived in San Francisco for about 12+ years and the sourdough reminds me of being back there.” “Flavorful, crusty and amazing texture.”
“Gorgeous and delicious loaves.”
And new for 2021, Crusty Delight also sells scones made with fresh fruit.