WoodsEdge Wools Farm

Woodsedge Wools Farm

78 Bowne Station Rd, Stockton, NJ 08559
(609) 397-2212

Since 1976, WoodsEdge has been a vertically integrated textile business specializing in breeding quality fibers used for designer yarns.

Fiber characteristics important to end-use are the cornerstone of the WoodsEdge breeding program. It was our love of textiles that led to an international yarn business designing signature yarns for fashion designers and top celebrities. That in turn has always dictated the focus of the WoodsEdge breeding program for their llama, and alpaca herds to produce top quality fiber on sound frames.

With the wide range of natural colors available, WoodsEdge has a well articulated plan for the consistent production of selected colors to create beautiful garments and home furnishings.