New-Bee Ranch

Rachel Newby
New-Bee Ranch
Western Montgomery County, PA

Rachel Newby of New-Bee Ranch is our most recent addition to the wonderful growers and producers who bring to you their locally grown and made items.

Rachel has been keeping bees for the last seven years, and beekeeping is a family tradition since her grandmother and great-grandfather were beekeepers.

Rachel got into farming accidentally when her family moved from the city to the suburbs of western Montgomery County. She started with chickens and collecting eggs and then moved into bees and collecting honey. She says that “keeping bees is an absolute labor of love,” which is a good thing since the work is so intense, but she enjoys working outside in all kinds of weather. 

Rachel’s apiaries produce honeys with distinctive tastes, and therefore Rachel labels each jar of honey so you can tell where the honey originated and when the honey was harvested. For example, her Pottstown apiary is located in a pine grove, and the honey has a distinctive evergreen flavor, and her late-season harvests are notably darker and more bold-flavored. Every year is a little bit different, and some batches are smaller than others-so you may have to wait until after this Summer’s harvest to try them all!

If you come and talk to her, she will tell you about which varieties she is currently offering and give you a taste test!

While Rachel says her favorite product to sell is honey, she also sells seasonal jams, a variety of kimchi, fresh ferments, and beeswax products.

Rachel is excited to join Oakmont Farmers Market because she has heard good things about the market from others. She also wants to share her love of keeping bees, making small-batch foods, and talking to folks about how eating and buying locally can save the world.