Bezzie Macarons will return to the market this week with boxes of 6 or 12 macarons. This months flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate and salted caramel, rum, orange, and hazelnut. Box of 6: $15 and Box of 12: $27. 
Pam will return to the market this week with Conebella’s full line of products, including aged cheeses, fresh mozzarella, yogurt smoothies, cultured butter, cheese spreads, Greek yogurt, and cheese curds, which are made from the milk from their Ayrshire cows in Chester County. 

Pre-orders and pre-payment are always an option, but we will have additional dairy products available for purchase. Please order through our website, www.conebellafarm.com, and indicate pickup at the Oakmont market or email your order, gable@conebellafarm.com.
Eric will return to the market with his loaves of sourdough bread and his fresh fruit scones.
To pre-order click here.
Deer Creek Malthouse will return to the market this week with their locally produced brews, baking ingredients, and other household mixes.

Customers are strongly encouraged to pre-order; however, select items will be available for on-site retail. To purchase at the market, Deer Creek is limited to electronic payment and will not accept cash or check. The cutoff for pre-orders is Friday at noon. Customers can pre-order at Deer Creek’s online store and upon checkout should select Oakmont Farmer’s Market as the pickup location. Call (717)-746-MALT or email markets@deercreekmalt.com with any questions. 
This week enol vineyards will return with their locally-produced wines. enol vineyards, owned and operated by Ed Nolan is based in Havertown and is currently offering six popular varietals and three limited edition blends. enol vineyards produces their wines using 100% pure varietal juice and grape concentrate from the world’s best wine producing countries. They use only filtrated water during production and minimize the use of sulfites, which results in a cleaner, crisper wine. 

To see our offerings, get more information about our company, or to pre-order, go to enolvineyards.com. For pre-orders, just include in the comments at checkout that you’ll be picking up at the market.
Axel will return this week with fresh eggs, ground turkey and boneless, skinless turkey breasts. Additionally, Lindenhof will have many other cuts of beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck, geese, pet food, and easy to heat pot pies.

Email or text Lindenhof for special requests. Go to lindenhoffarm.com to place your pre-order for beef, pork, fresh chicken, duck, lamb, and eggs. Pre-orders are requested to be in by Friday at noon; however, Axel is offering on-site sales for the market as well. Stay tuned into their website for dates Lindenhof will be at Oakmont.
Rachel will return this week with several different apiaries of local, raw honey, all-organic beeswax body products, ferments, and of course her lemon curd. 

Pre-orders are encouraged, but Rachel will bring her complete product line to the market on Saturday. Send your pre-orders by direct messaging Rachel through her New-Bee Ranch social media pages or send an email to newbeeranch@gmail.com. Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo to newbeeranch@gmail.com 
Brent will return to the market this week with WoodsEdge alpaca and llama clothing, as well as their honeys and beeswax candles.