George will return to the market this week with all the dishes you’ve come to know and love from Bria & Latella’s.
Pam will return to the market this week with Conebella’s aged cheeses, cheese spreads, cultured butter, fresh mozzarella, cheese curds, yogurt smoothies and Greek yogurt. This week Conebella features their newest cheese curd flavor, Onion Chive. Preorders are always welcome at www.conebellafarm.com prior to 6 pm Tuesday.
enol vineyards is a fully licensed, locally owned and operated limited winery, based in Havertown, Pa. They make their wines in small batches from 100% pure varietal juices that are sourced from the world’s great wine-producing nations. enol’s wines are produced using an advanced filtration system to ensure water purity, and they minimize the use of sulfites in their wine making processes, which they believe results in a cleaner, crisper wine. Check their website enolvineyards.com for what they have in stock. This week enol will be providing tastings to help you decide which of their delicious wines you will want to bring home! Stop by and check them out and/or order on-line @ enolvineyards.com
Forgedale Fungi will return to the market with their farmed and foraged specialty mushrooms. This week they feature Shiitake, Grey Oyster, Lionsmane, and limited quantities of Golden Oyster and Pioppino.
Kombucha Bliss will return to the market with their selection of kombucha. Featured flavors this week are: Pineapple Ginger, Dragonfruit, Pineapple Twist (pineapple/cranberry), Winter Citrus (orange, ginger, elderflower), and Let’s Pom (pomegranate/orange). This week Liz features Koffucha! Koffucha is coffee kombucha, in both regular and decaf options. It can be described as having a je ne sais quoi so stop by Kombucha Bliss’ table and have a taste with a dollop of coconut/oat milk creamer. 
Pre-orders can be placed by emailing kombuchablissorders@gmail.com. 1 for $6, more than 2 they are $5 each. If you are able to bring old bottles back, Mother Earth and I appreciate it. I remove labels then wash the bottles by hand (around the rim), wash them in the dishwasher, sanitize then re-use them. Samples will be available so be sure to stop by and try!
Axel will return to the market this week with Lindenhof’s usual beefchickenlambpet foodpot pies and eggs.
Go to lindenhoffarm.com to place your pre-order for beef, pork, fresh chicken, duck, lamb, and eggs. Pre-orders are requested to be in by Tuesday at noon; however, Axel is offering on-site sales for the market as well.
New Bee Ranch is excited to see you at Oakmont! Rachel will be bringing everything you need-several kinds of local, raw honey, including infused and creamed honey. Rachel will also have organic beeswax body products including body butter and so many fun candles, fresh ferments, and of course her lemon curd (several varieties!) and jams.
Pre-orders are encouraged, but NBR will bring the complete product line to the market on Wednesday. Send your pre-orders by direct messaging Rachel through her New-Bee Ranch social media pages or send an email to newbeeranch@gmail.com. Pre-payments can be made through Venmo to @newbeeranch
Philly Phoods will return to the market this week with their locally grown microgreens. This week they feature Broccoli Sprouts, Rambo Radish, Dunn Pea, and Black Oil Sunflower Microgreens. Each is $2.99 per OZ or a 3oz clamshell $8.99 Try all 4 Microgreens 12 Oz for $28. They will also have sunflower and pea shoot pesto!
Sue will return to the market this week with all her maple goodies, syrups, jams, and jellies. This week they feature three cookie varieties, breakfast cake and maple lollipops.
Swheat Escape will return to the market this week with their gluten-free sweet and savory treats.
This week, they are featuring a blueberry lavender cinnamon roll, along with an assortment of muffins, brownies, a vegan fruit bar, and sandwich bread loaves. All items are freezer-friendly, so feel free to stock up, as they will only be in attendance once a month. No preorders are accepted at this time, but feel free to follow their Instagram and Facebook @swheatescape to view the full menu of items for sale, which will be posted the day before each market!