AMAZING ACRES GOAT DAIRY  Lynne will return to the market this week with a full array of bloomy-rind cheeses – Goat Brie, Baby Bloomer, Sea Smoke and Crottin, as well as many chèvre varieties. Pre-orders are preferred, so please check out Amazing Acre’s online store for availability and to place your order. 

Amazing Acre will be closing their online store for Oakmont orders at noon on Tuesday. To place orders after that, please call Lynne at (610)-449-1987 for product availability and payment instructions. Lynne will also have a limited selection of products for sale on-site the day of the market.
BLUEBERRY HILL FARM Peg will return this week with her wonderful produce.  Though Mother Nature’s weather has provided a less than ideal growing environment so far this spring, Blueberry Hill has plenty of produce growing and great offerings for this week.  She will be bringing rhubarb, asparagus, spring onions, kale, mint, thyme, lettuce mix, spinach and Swiss chard.  Customers can choose from pre-packaged produce, as Peg is not accepting pre-orders.  Please note that Blueberry Hill is a cash-only vendor.
This week Sherri will have a new soap… Forsythia! She’ll also bring favorites such as Jewelweed, Lavender and Red Currant Rose.  If your skin is dry from all the washing, be sure to pick up some moisturizing, soothing lotion available in a variety of scents and styles.  With the return of spring and all the insects it brings, Sherri will also have Bug Off! natural repellent, which is available in two sizes.   Please pre-order on the website BotanicalBubbles.com and look for a confirmation email.  Sherri will also have a limited amount of product available for sale at the market.
George will return to the market this week with all the dishes you’ve come to know and love from Bria and Latella’s.  
Though George will offer on-site sales, customers are encouraged to email George at glatella@comcast.net with pre-orders, questions or special requests and may pay via credit card, Venmo, cash or check (made payable to Bria and Latella).  Items available for pre-order include soups (vegetarian options avaiable), entrees, sauces and Italian cookies. Please click here for ordering information and a list of products and pricing.  Pre-orders are requested by 8pm on Tuesday.
Liam and Kimmy will be bringing pre-orders to the market on Wednesday.  Clifford Family Farm is currently harvesting lettuce, kale, Asian greens and organic plants for the home garden, which include herbs, tomatoes and more.

Customers can place pre-orders via a new ordering site here.  Please note, users do have create an account to log-in and should choose pick-up location as Oakmont Farmer’s Market. Pre-orders are requested by Monday evening.  A limited amount of produce will be available for purchase at the market as well. 

Liam and Kimmy had the following message for customers: “Clifford Family Farm is a small organic farm family owned and operated. We offer a full range of delicious, organic vegetables and fruits. Right now our supplies are limited, but we have plenty of crops growing away that will be coming to the market as soon as they are ready. Thank you to all that have supported us already; we are very excited to be a part of Oakmont market!”
Deer Creek is excited to return to the market this week with craft food and beverages made with 100% locally grown grain. Shop here for baking and home-brewing ingredients, granola, dry mixes, craft beverages including malthouse ales & lagers, and much more.  The inspiration of the week at Deer Creek- sourdough baking. Bread, crackers, pancakes…you name it! Sourdough is back in town!  Deer Creek’s premium quality grain and flour- all-purpose (white), whole wheat, spelt, rye and other less common grains- produce great results, whether you are baking away with your favorite recipes  of want to create your own sourdough starter from scratch.  Don’t forget to check out Deer Creek’s beer bread and heritage bread recipes. 

Customers can pre-order all-local grain and malt ingredients for the weekend brew or bake.  The cutoff for pre-orders is Tuesday at 3pm. Customers can pre-order at Deer Creek’s online store and upon checkout can select Oakmont Farmer’s Market as the pickup location.  Call (717)-746-MALT or email here with any questions. 
Mary will be returning to the market this week with her delicious and nutritious FiliKale chips. At the market, Mary will be introducing her newest flavor of kale chips: Bakon.  It tastes just like real bacon, but is meatless.  Customers can view a product list via their website here. Large containers of kale chips cost $18 and small ones are $5.  Customers can pre-order by emailing Mary here to make sure the flavor you choose is available for you.  Mary will then e-mail an invoice by which customers can pay by credit card or Venmo.  Alternatively, she will accept cash at the market.  
Nancy looks forward to returning to the market this week.  She will be bringing Chocolate Pretzel, Crispy, and Triple Berry barks, as well as her award-winning dipped sandwich cookies dusted with sea salt. She will also have her special graduate gift bags which will include pretzel bark, crispy bark, a pretzel rod diploma, one dipped jumbo marshmallow with sprinkles on a graduation cap stick, two-pack of dipped sandwich cookies with a grad cap charm, eight-pack of caramel pretzel bites, two grad themed lollipops, $10 gift certificate, an invitation to special “grads only” virtual event with a chance to win prizes, and other fun surprises.  This $40 gift is sure to make your 2020 grad’s pandemic frown upside down!

Call or text to pre-order and pre-pay at (215)-421-2321. HSC are happy to make up other items; however, please contact Nancy via emai by Monday and she will bring your pre-order to the market. Additionally, Nancy will offer some on-site sales and will accept cash at the market.
Axel will be returning this Wednesday to bring his much-loved meat selection.  All customers are strongly encouraged to place pre-orders, as Axel will not be bringing any extra meat to select at the market.  Customers can order through Lindenhof’s website and pay through Venmo (@axel-linde-1) or leave a check or cash in the payment box on the table.   Customers may also call with credit card information. Pre-orders are requested by Tuesday at noon. Though Lindenhof is trying to keep their website as up-to-date as possible, email Axel for specific questions about items.  Orders are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis, as supplies are somewhat limited; however,  Axel reports an increase in the amount of chicken and pork available.
Marie will be returning to the market this week with her delectable baked goodies including quiches, cookies, scones, pies and more.  

Customers can pre-order via e-mail and pay at the market with exact change or credit card.  Items available for pre-order include savory pies, quiches, pies cookies and scones.  For product list and pricing please click here.
Rachel will be bringing several kinds of local, raw honey, all-organic beeswax body products, fresh fermented, other yummy pickles, and of course her lemon curd and jams-including the first strawberry and strawberry rhubarb jam of the season. They are so yummy, so don’t miss it!  For a complete list of products available, visit the New-Bee Ranch Facebook page where up-to-date product lists are posted the beginning of each week.
Pre-orders are encouraged, but Rachel will bring her complete product line to the market on Wednesday.  Send your pre-orders by direct messaging Rachel through her New-Bee Ranch social media pages or send an email to newbeeranch@gmail.com. Payments can be made through PayPal to newbeeranch@gmail.com or Venmo @Rachel-Newby