Photo courtesy of Full Table Farm

Ruth will return to the market with her selection of quiches, frittatas, and other baked goods.
This week Ruth features Chef Ruth’s red pepper hummus, curried chicken salad, and butternut squash lasagna, as well as a variety of soups, including Spicy Peanut with Chicken. This week she will bring the following quiches in both small and large sizes: Salami, Pepper, & Onion and Mushroom & Asparagus. This week she will bring the following carb and gluten free frittatas in both small and large sizes: Tomato & Feta and Mexican (scallion and cilantro). Ruth will also be bringing chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and snickerdoodle cookies, gluten-free crinkles, as well as espresso cupcakes and banana mini loaves.
Be sure to follow Ruth on Instagram @chef_ruth_catering and you can pre-pay via Venmo @seasonchef
Chizfit will return to the market this week with their non-dairy, vegan, and plant protein infused goods. 
This week they feature their Lemon Blueberry Loaf, pictured below
Pam will return this week with all of Conebella’s aged and fresh cheeses, yogurts and cultured butter. They will be featuring an aged cheese every week with samples and specials. This week’s featured cheese: Italian Colby. Preorders are appreciated at www.conebellafarm.com
Eric will return to the market this week with his loaves of sourdough bread, fresh fruit scones, and pizza dough.
enol vineyards will return to the market this week with their locally-produced wines.
enol vineyards is a fully licensed, locally owned and operated limited winery, based in Havertown, PA. They make their wines in small batches from 100% pure varietal juices that are sourced from the world’s great wine-producing nations. Their wines are produced using an advanced filtration system to ensure water purity, and they minimize the use of sulfites in their wine making processes, which they believe results in a cleaner, crisper wine. 
Also, in addition to their popular Blood Orange and Citrus Mango Sangria, they’ve added Pineapple Pear and Strawberry Watermelon Sangrias to their inventory. 
Come out and have a taste at the market or order online at enolvineyards.com.
Forgedale Fungi will return to the market this week with their farmed and foraged specialty mushrooms. 
Full Table Farm will return to the market this week with their locally grown produce. This week they feature arugula, spring lettuce mix, power greens mix, and their beautiful and delicious butterhead lettuce! They’ll also have green onions, radishes, hakurei salad turnips, and carrots. Cilantro will return this week and baby beets will make their first appearance of the season. Also new this week Full Table Farm will have one of our customer favorites: sprouting broccoli! Sprouting broccoli is also known as broccolini; it’s sweeter than regular broccoli and perfect on the grill, roasted, quickly blanched or any other way you can imagine!
Axel will return to the market this this week with Lindenhof’s usual beefchickenlambpet foodpot pies and eggs.
This week Lindenhof will have fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, thighs, wings, drumsticks, whole chickens, spatch cut chickens (great to lay flat on the grill) and plenty of fresh eggs! In addition to all of that, they’ll have fresh pork chops too! If you’re getting ready to grill, Lindenhof has lots of steaks, chops, sausages, hot dogs and patties. They will also have a variety of pork, beef, lamb, turkey and pot pies as well.
Rachel will be bringing local, raw honey and a big variety of small-batch, seasonal goods. Don’t forget the cooler full of krauts!
Pre-orders are encouraged, but NBR will bring the complete product line to the market on Wednesday. Send your pre-orders by direct messaging Rachel through her New-Bee Ranch social media pages or send an email to newbeeranch@gmail.com. Pre-payments can be made through Venmo to @newbeeranch
New Road Brinery will return to the market this week with Patrick’s lineup of pickles, salts, rubs, and hot sauces. 
Penn Distilling will return to the market this week. This week they will bring their line up of locally distilled spirits, as listed below. 
Dewey’s No.69 Small Batch Bourbon WhiskeyPA Liberty Rye WhiskeyAmerican Single Malt WhiskeyOld City White Rye WhiskeyFrontier Explorers Gold RumFrontier Explorers White RumFounders Artisan Dry GinFirst City Vodka
Red Barn Produce will return to the market with their locally grown produce. This week they feature asparagus, regular and cherry tomatoes, and spring mix lettuce.
Peggy will return to the market this week with their eats and sweets, all of which are baked from scratch in their commercial kitchen in Radnor PA. This week they feature baklava, spanakopita, lathenya (peasants bread from the islands of Kimolos), lemonopita (lemon, custard pastry with strawberries), krassata (vegan red wine cookies with sesame seeds), and kalamata bouikos (feta cheese, Kalamata olive, and herb rolls).
Ali will return to the market this week with their seasonal blooms and bouquets.