Ruth will return to the market with her selection of quiches, frittatas, and other baked goods. Ruth features Chef Ruth’s roasted red pepper hummus, Waldorf chicken salad, Tuscan bean soup, and chicken zoodle soup. This week she will bring the following quiches in both small and large sizes: Broccoli, Lemon, & Chili or Pesto Shrimp. This week she will bring the following carb and gluten free frittatas in both small and large sizes: Sausage and Pepper or Artichoke and Spinach. Ruth will also be bringing chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and snickerdoodle cookies, as well as sticky bun krinkle cake and brownies. Ruth will also be bringing Halloween treats- spider cookies and road kill Rice Krispie treats, pictured below. Ruth will accept preorders via email at aseasonchef@gmail.com; however, she will be offering on site sales as well. The deadline for preorders is Sunday, in order to have necessary ingredients. Be sure to follow Ruth on Instagram @chef_ruth_catering and you can pre-pay via Venmo @seasonchef
Amazing Acres Goat Dairy will be at the market with fresh Fromagina and a wide assortment of chèvre varieties, as well as all of their bloomy rind options. If you’re looking for a little more complexity in your goat cheese this week, give our Crottin a try! It is a young bloomy rind goat cheese inspired by the famous Loire Valley style. This compact cylindrical cheese is subtle and tangy with a long, nutty finish. Adding Crottin to a beet salad is a great way to feature this cheese as it blends well with the sweet, earthy quality of the beets. Finish with red onions, lemon zest and a dash of olive oil and pair with a dry, crisp Pinot Grigio.
George will return to the market this week with all the dishes you’ve come to know and love from Bria & Latella’s.
Axel will return to the market this week with Lindenhof’s usual beefchickenlambpet foodpot pies and eggs.
Celebrate the Phillies and watch the next game with Lindenhof sausages, burgers, chops and more! Whether you’re watching football, baseball or something else, they’ve got pork shoulders, chicken wings and drumsticks and hot dogs.  They will also have FRESH pork chops and FRESH pork shoulder this week. Great for the grill or in the crockpot!
Pre order your Thanksgiving Turkey today. Lindenhof has whole white birds, heritage birds, whole breasts, leg quarters and turkey wings. Their turkeys are raised outside on green grass, with loads of sunshine and fresh air. 
Go to lindenhoffarm.com to place your pre-order for beef, pork, fresh chicken, duck, lamb, and eggs. Pre-orders are requested to be in by Tuesday at noon; however, Axel is offering on-site sales for the market as well.
New Road Brinery will return to the market this week with Patrick’s lineup of pickles, salts, rubs, and hot sauces.
North Star Orchard will return to the market this week with their locally grown produce.
Oh my oh my….this week they have Keepsake (a parent of Honeycrisp…it’s better than its offspring!) and Florina (pink sweet crunchy goodness) apples (and a bunch more), plus fabulous falltime Niitaka Asian pears. What more is there to love? It’s officially time to order your stash of holiday & winter Gold Rush apples and Gold Rush varietal cider! Look here for details!
Philly Phoods will return to the market this week with their locally grown microgreens.
Salvaterra’s Gardens will return to the market this week with their locally grown produce. This week they feature spring mix, arugula, kale, chard, collards, pak choy, dandelion greens, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, corn, radish, carrot, beets, turnips, scallions, garlic, head lettuce, parsley, dill and cilantro. The temperatures are cooling down and parsley, beets and hakurei turnips are back this week! Salvaterra may also have some fresh carrots, too.
Brent will return to the market this week with WoodsEdge alpaca and llama clothing, as well as their honeys and beeswax candles.